About Me

This is me. :)

Hi! This is my dramatic-ish selfie. (Yes, I have huge eyebags, I know, I know.) ;)
My name is Erin, and I call myself a potato. I'm 12 years old, yet I'm maturer than you think. (Yes, I'm still not a teen, but yeah, I read YA) I'm from the Philippines, and I met three authors already. YAY! 

So the truth is I don't wanna get too formal with you guys. So I talk what's in my heart.


Since third grade,  I've been interested in HTML and some other electronic stuff. I've been taught basic HTML knowledge by my sister, (Bibliophile Soprano) and all I remembered was html, title, body, p, and marquee. So when I designed this blog, I had to search A LOT of things about HTML and CSS. (Most of my HTML knowledge- from W3 Schools, so thanks, W3 Schools! :))

Little Confession: I don't know how to put brackets with a computer keyboard, so I had to copy-paste everytime I add CSS, even though I know what to put.


My KPoppings:

I am a KPopper. I'm a SONE, DAI5Y, Pink Panda, Blackjack, and some sort of an ELF.

And I'm an editor. I'm the head admin of KXTorials. (yay for you if you know the fabby KXTeam) And I'm the kawaii potato of handwrittaen, also an admin of txtrgent, a Divergent-ish resource account. :))

You can see my edits at editeor-instagram. :)
(I put smileys a lot, aye)



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