Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Friday Feels + Notice

Friday Feels

Starting on the first week of June, every Friday, I will post quotes or some parts of a book that pushed my feels to the limit. (It might do the same to you, that's why I put up this blog feature)

Those parts made me smile, jump, or maybe even kick our walls. It might be sad though. The important thing is, it gives you feels.

Spread the feels! — I'm allowing you to save and share the pictures I edited for the quotes, so others can feel it too! 


Hey guys! I just changed the design for My Bookish Self. I'm also changing my format for book reviews and some other stuff.

I'm still at that thing they call "book hangover" in which you can't get over a book. It's ugh-able. So, while I'm at that thing, I'm going to fix my stuff here. :)

Much love,

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