Friday, May 23, 2014

Kiera Cass: The One (The Selection #3) Review


The Selection changed America Singer's life in ways she never could have imagined. Since she entered the competition to become the next princess of Illéa, America has struggled with her feelings for her first love, Aspen--and her growing attraction to Prince Maxon. Now she's made her choice . . . and she's prepared to fight for the future she wants.


This book is just so great. Right now, I still can't get over the series. I don't want it to end! I've still got a whole tank of feels. Honestly, this book has the best cover ever. 

What I wanted to happen in The Selection and The Elite all happened here. 

Celeste stopped being such a brat, and finally explained everything, then said sorry.

The king also stopped jerking around ***SPOILER*** because he died. (yes he did.) ***SPOILER***

My questions about the rebels were answered in this book. Shocking things were revealed.

I seriously love the rebels right now. It's like they're always the turning point. The rebels go inside the palace, Maxerica hides together, they talk, and yay, they're okay again.

I also loved Maxon's letters while America was gone. So sweet... <3

I think the last parts of the book were the best. (but please don't skip to the end) The book made me cry. It also made me kick our walls because of feels.

I have nothing much to say, and my rating is pretty obvious. It's perfect. And certainly, I don't want it to end yet. I know it's a trilogy, and this one's the last, but I can't deny it. I simply can't take it out of my mind. This is a masterpiece.
"This isn't happily ever after. It's so much more than that."

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