Monday, June 2, 2014

Birthday Book: FAN ART by Sarah Tregay

I'm turning 12 this June 17.
And... FAN ART is going on sale on that date!

I was stalking HarperTeen's Twitter account, then I saw a tweet that's something like The Most Anticipated June Releases then I tapped the link. (I was using Twitter for Android lol)

I scrolled and scrolled, and saw the very-interesting-cover-and-title of FAN ART.

So these are the reasons why I want to read FAN ART.

1. I love drawing, and I draw fan arts.
2. As an editor, I usually save ripped paper textures when I see them, I looove ripped textures. That's why I love the cover.
3. Of course-- JUNE 17. June 17, the day I'm turning 12.

This book seems so special to me. 

P.S.: I MIGHT be hosting a giveaway on my birthday! Stay tuned. Happy 300 pageviews guys! ;)

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