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Birthmonth June: The Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch- Review

Since It's my birthmonth, my first review this June will be what really pushed my love for books—and chocolate. The Secret Series. The series with five books, but reading one book makes you crave more for the next. The book that changed how my mind worked. The magical book, I say.
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I put all of them in just one review, because I'm afraid I'll just say the same thing five times.

I like it how Pseudonymous Bosch knew how I felt. What the readers felt. (Or at least, his little trick worked on my sister, too.) His footnotes are amazing and entertaining. He kept me reading with this mix of mystery, drama, and comedy, should I include magic, too?

The way he narrates things, the way he denies your access to the books, it's just brilliant. All the mysteries, how he played with them, I could say that this book is somehow educational. Well, there's that kind of educational that's waaaay to boring for you to read, but in The Secret Series, your mind becomes faster, more open to mysteries. It amazes me how the mysteries and codes are solved. In fact, because of the series, I knew how to spell pseudonym. And I was one of the few people in our class who got it.

You might find it corny, but this book really got to me. I had such a massive book hangover, and I always wanted to find ways to associate The Secret Series to everything I hear. For example, if I hear someone say Pietro, my eyes light up, as if I saw Taylor Swift. (Well, until now, I still find ways to associate the series to anything)

So before I forget, I'd like to tell you how the love began. Once upon a time, in a bookstore, not so far away, my sister saw a book titled This Book Isn't Good for You and got really curious. She discovered that it was the book three of a series, and tried to find the book one. We visited that bookstore again, and she bought the book one, where it all began, The Name of This Book is Secret. That time, I bought the book two of Dork Diaries, being my nine-year-old self. Time passed, and I got to collect Dork Diaries, while my sister didn't push buying The Secret Series. There came a time that I gave up Dork Diaries, and she sold me the book one. I could tell that she was good at sales. So, I read it. And loved it. And bought the rest one by one.

There's also this some kind of bonus content at the end of each book, where you get to learn stuff. The entertaining way. In book two, I got to learn a magic trick. (Trust me, that trick worked for some people)

In book one, for the first chapters, it gets a little boring, but read on. Trust me, you'll regret not getting to read the story of the Bergamo brothers. After the story, you'll most likely find yourself craving for more.

In book two, ***SPOILER*** when the homunculus died, and the Bergamo brothers saw each other again***SPOILER*** in just one chapter, I was like Oh.My.God. Pseudonymous Bosch, you are killing me. Seriously.

In book three, all the chocolate analysis happened. Without book three, everything in the next books would be such a blur. *claps for book three*

To be honest, book four was a little boring. But, some important details are in there, so read on. Just like in book one. (Yes, yes, I ruined the format)

In book five, many things happened in a big bang. The ending was so shocking. And the Secret...!

Totally recommended. 

Rating: 4.5/5

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