Friday, June 6, 2014

Big Announcement

This is quite hard for me.

I changed this blog's URL and name, so I have to change the design along with it.

I'm gonna be so busy with this blog today.

Today's the first Friday Feels, so I think I should work on that already, too.

About the potato thing, it started last year, back when I was addicted to Instagram. I suddenly started calling myself a kawaii potato, and I sorta became popular with that, like when there's a pic with a kawaii potato in there, my online friends be like "Hey, look Erin! That's you..." and I'm happy with it. Even my classmates and teachers know I'm a potato. I'm serious. I sorta made a name with it.

Kawaii potatoes by EmysDiary

And... I found out that My Bookish Self is on Pinterest already, which that Pinterest account isn't mine, so that gave me the urge to move. Also, My Bookish Self is kind of a typical name. So, I just felt like it. I had to move.

Moving on... 

Bookish Potato goes international.

I checked the stats of my blog, and I saw a new country in the Audience. Ukraine. It shocked me, I didn't expect a Ukranian visiting. *Thank you, whoever you are*
Thanks to the US peeps who visit my blog regularly. *throws bread with nutella*
And I also didn't expect some viewers from Germany and UK. Thank youuu <3


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