Sunday, June 15, 2014

Featuring My Thoughts: Why I Prefer Fictional Books

Featuring My Thoughts isn't some sort of a weekly thing like Friday Feels. It's an occasional blog feature in which I talk about my book-related opinions.

For the first Featuring My Thoughts post, I'm talking about why I prefer fictional books.

When I say books, I mean novels- most of the time.

I escape reality. 
Of course- it's fiction. In fictional books, the author can make anything happen. The author can make the characters fly, kiss, hug, write, read, talk-- anything. It's fictional. Anything is possible.

You cannot find most fictional men in real life. 
I'm not referring to like, the actual Agustus Waters or Maxon Schreave, but their character. What they do, how they react. Well you might find an Agustus or Maxon, but they're very rare. I'm not saying that true love is rare, in fact it isn't. True love isn't only in fictional characters, because true love is not fiction. (Okay, I'm getting dramatic.) The Fault in Our Stars in real life is rare, really. I'm not saying that two teens should have the EXACT same cancer as Hazel and Agustus to have that story, but having cancer and falling in love and then one dies and they have this author connection. Just something like that. But that's gonna be a big miracle.

I like- I mean, love dystopian books.
Of course- dystopian is automatically fiction. And dystopian romance books are like about "how the lovebirds would survive or escape their ugly and/or unfair world" or "how two people would survive or escape their ugly and/or unfair world together and eventually fall in love". It's just that more things could happen. It's like contemporary plus. I also love fantasy. Same reason. It's not that I'm lazy to copy-paste the whole thing and change all the dystopian's to fantasy, but it would be really, really, redundant.

And this might be cheesy, you find new lives in fictional books. Because nonfiction books are like- past already, so nothing's new.

I MIGHT read nonfiction sometime, that's the reason why I prefer fictional books. (extra emphasis to prefer, please! ) There are always exceptions, whatever happens.


  1. I'm totally with you. :D I don't even read nonfiction unless it's required reading for school or whatnot. Fiction is my escape of reality; my way of traveling to other places without actually going there. Whether it be to Narnia or Panem or Hogwarts, that's one thing I can rely on fiction for. Like you said, with nonfiction, we don't really get the opportunity to "travel" and are stuck in a world of realities.

    Thanks for sharing this, and, as always, BRILLIANT post! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

    1. Thank you Zoe! You're totally right, too. Fiction takes us somewhere the characters are, and my reactions don't affect the emotions of the characters. (Unless you tell the author to write this and that and the author agrees)

      Anyway, I'll try to visit your blog too. :)